Are you an artist with big dreams?

Do you absolutely love being an artist?

Are you ready to get your art in front of the right buyers but don't quite know how?

You now know, more than ever, that you need to get your art business online if you want to succeed.

Did you know that there are global FANS who are DYING to buy your work every time you post?

Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme reveals how artists with big dreams can start to sell more art online by mastering their social media marketing skills.


Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media seeing some artists selling out their collections as soon as they’ve shared them? What have they got that you don’t?


Your art is good. People say they love it, but the sales aren’t flowing in the way you think they should be.


You find yourself in awe of the number of followers they have. And you’re even more gobsmacked when you see real engagement. And you want to cry when it’s very clear that their art is being sold hand over fist.


Sometimes you feel like just giving up. But in those wonderful moments of clarity, deep down you know that your art is fucking amazing.

Yes, you’ve compared your art to hundreds of artists and the one thing that really confuses you, and the one thing that gets you is how artists are able to create comparable work and have the financial success that seems to elude you!

You realise that it has nothing to do with the quality of your work so it has to be something else.

Wanna know the secret to selling art online?

Clarity, Confidence. Relentlessly showing up.

If you want people to buy your work online, you have to act like a business. Be your own advocate and biggest fan.

Your work needs to feel exactly like what your audience needs right now. They can’t live another minute without one of your amazing creations.

If you want your art to sell, you need to know how your collectors think. What they need right now. How to talk so they know you understand them. You are them.

They need to see you as the go to expert in your niche. They need to see that you have exactly what they want right now.

When you show your collectors that your art can and does make their lives more fun and interesting, they buy from you.

When you show your collectors how your art can change their living and working spaces for the better, allowing them to express who they are in those spaces, they will buy from you.

You need to show that your art is an answer to their needs, in a way that improves their lives in a HELL YEAH, TAKE MY MONEY and they don’t think twice about purchasing.


It’s really not. You just need to understand this: people will happily pay for something that they trust will solve their specific problem or meet a deep seated desire.

Okay, but let's do a reality check first

This mastery programme is super powerful, and it really works (just check the testimonials below) but it will only work for you if:

RED finger2

You want to be a successful artist and are willing to embrace your power to make it happen

RED finger2

You’re not the kind of artist who makes excuses, but instead you’re willing to get over yourself and do what it takes to be the success you know you deserve.
(and no, that doesn’t mean you need to get salesy or spammy.)

RED finger2

You are familiar with at least ONE social media platform and have some kind of presence on it (ie you know how to post)

RED finger2

You have NO time to complain, you want to get shit done!


Hi. We're Leigh & Paula...

...and we're on a mission to kill the bullshit and misconceptions around selling art -

so that you can sell more of yours

We teach artists like you the ins and outs of how to get your work out there - and sell online.

We are both artists with long careers.

And, we've both had our own share of misconceptions and failed attempts - but over the years we learned both the mindset and the methods, that make selling art not only easier, but a lot more enjoyable than you might think possible. 

Now we're giving you access to our combined skills and knowledge, so that you can join the ranks of successful, online selling artists...

...and earn the money your art should be making you. 

People pay for art that makes them feel fucking amazing.

It’s up to you to show them that your art will do just that. We show you how to harness the power of the internet and kiss galleries and other bullshittery in the art world good-bye.

When you are unclear on how to market your art, you are going to have a problem. When you don’t see that your art is essential and necessary, not a frivolous buy, then you aren’t going to succeed. If you want to sell your art, and make good money, you need to understand who your target market is and how to talk to them so they love the fuck out of you and your work.

And that’s exactly what we teach in the Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme

Sell MORE Art Mastery
is an online MENTORING and INSPIRED ACTION programme designed to super charge your online art business and get you the long term success you deserve

If you want to learn how to:


Sell your art online from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world so that you can pay the rent and bills


Market & position your art so that people buy it without haggling over price or questioning its value because they fucking love you and your art.


Sell effectively using a simple, step by step system that we ourselves use to sell our own art. One that works and doesn’t make you feel inauthentic or salesy. No more mind fuckery or used car salesman vibes for you.


Create an income you can count on using your art


Create and fall in love with marketing systems that sell your art, more effectively with less emotional baggage and more time in the studio.


Get an exact strategy on how to present and sell your art so that people are dying to buy it

The Sell MORE Art Mastery is a programme that will help you Create, Market + Sell your art online to raving fans who will be begging for more.



Instant access to a thriving and supportive community

Nobody ever made it alone, and we have exactly the kind of community that makes artists thrive

Weekly accountability group calls with both of us

Includes Q&A, so bring your questions and your challenges

Know your powerful WHY and how to use it

Really dig deep into WHY you create and connect with your art and audience on a deeper and more deliberate level

Kick fear and procrastination to the curb

Get the work done that you are called to do without battling Impostor Syndrome and other methods of self sabotage

Your target Audience

Identify your collectors and learn how to build your audience like a pro, selling art without ever having to beg, negotiate or feel sleazy

Copywriting for Artists

Learn how to tell stories about yourself and your art in order to keep your audience coming back for more

In depth Social Media Training

Everything you need to know about the main social media platforms so that you can use them to your advantage and make more sales

Social media templates for your accounts

From templates to topics to posting schedules, we’ve got your back

Making offers your audience can’t refuse

Set up offers, commissions and collections that have your audience coming back for more

Includes the PR Pro Programme for Artists

An online MENTORING, ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION programme designed to teach you how to get you, and your art, into the media and get the attention and coverage you deserve without spending a penny on adverts. 

All delivered on our website AND in a private Facebook group with WEEKLY accountability LIVE online sessions with Leigh & Paula

Plus PDFs to print out and keep

But... that's not all!

Knowing that artists need PR more than ever, it makes sense for Leigh & Paula to join forces with Michelle and Christian in order to give our artists a leg up.

Michelle and Christian Ewen, the people behind Write on Time Ltd, are the best of the best.

Former journalists turned PR pros, Michelle and Christian Ewen have spent decades writing stories that have been featured in some of the UK’s biggest newspapers – including The Guardian, The FT, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sunday People and The Evening Standard.

They’ve poured over 30 years’ combined experience into creating toolkits and resources designed to help people think of something newsworthy to say to get publicity for their business and take the first steps towards getting their story in newspapers, magazines, on the radio or TV.

The PR Pro Programme for Artists
is an online MENTORING, ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION programme designed to teach you how to get you, and your art, into the media and get the attention and coverage you deserve without spending a penny on adverts

If you want to learn how to:


Create a 12-month publicity plan to keep you and your artwork consistently in the spotlight


Create a short and snappy biography that’s media worthy


Embrace your expert experience so you can pitch to podcasts, TV shows and other media with confidence


Talk about your artwork in a genuinely newsworthy way


Plan in advance so you never miss an opportunity to publicise your work again


Demonstrate your credibility as a working artist

The PR Pro Programme for Artists, combined with the Sell MORE Art Mastery will help you align to who you really are, change how you grow your business, get in front of new and larger audiences and establish your credibility



4 Weekly accountability group calls with Michelle and Christian

Includes Q&A, so bring your questions and your challenges

Weekly Tasks with Video training and Worksheets

These will build your 12-month media plan

Bonus Guide

‘20 Story Ideas for Artists and Creatives’, which is
designed to help you look at your newsworthiness through fresh eyes.

4 Weeks of PR Pro Group Access

The PR Pro Programme runs for 4 weeks so you can work along with fellow artists, creating your media masterplan together.

The bottom line…

Selling your art ONLINE to a GLOBAL AUDIENCE is the answer to creating a thriving and profitable business.

Check out the YES-timonials from happy
Leigh & Paula clients:

Can’t recommend Paula and Leigh’s content enough… if you’re an artist, serious about your business, and in need of clarity and support, don’t hesitate to get involved…

Clear, direct, supportive, no-nonsense advice, amongst a great group of individuals, who all just ‘get it’… I’m incredibly pleased to have found them.

…[Leigh & Paula are]  very supportive in ensuring that their clients have all the tools and learning required to hand. But are also very clear about the inputs and work their clients need to implement for them to be able to achieve the results they are seeking….

…My experience has been life changing, I’ve been taken on a journey of self discovery to have the means to express who I am and what I do with clarity and focus, I’ve been mentored and guided on how to identify by ideal client and been provided with actionable steps to implement when it comes to marketing my art business…

But WAIT, there's more!


FLOW training

This mini course teaches you how to manage your time like a boss, but in a way that works for creatives. Get MORE DONE with LESS EFFORT every day and every week. 

No more wondering where the time went. No more missing deadlines or not finishing projects. FLOW teaches you how to prioritize without feeling overwhelmed and helps you stay focused to get the job done. 

Our students LOVE it! It’s a £99 value.


Not One but TWO Sessions

The Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme runs twice a year and when you jump in, you get to attend the group coaching sessions for TWO consecutive Mastery programmes!

We’ve found that our students thrive when they come back for more and we’re giving you that opportunity at NO additional charge!
This offer excludes the PR Pro Programme for Artists which only has one session included.

WOT???!!! That's incredible!

When You Pay in Full

3-Way Power Call with Leigh & Paula

This is 60 minutes of personalised coaching, recorded using Zoom, to help you sort out or solve one problem in your business.

These calls are game changers for anyone who needs advice, ideas and feedback about their art business. Got burning questions? We have answers. 

Rocket your way to success! It’s a £549 value.

3-Way Power Call with Michelle & Christian


Secure a VIP coaching experience and exclusive PR consultancy in a private, recorded 45-minute power call via Zoom. It’s a safe space to collectively explore your challenges, smash through your confidence blocks and figure out the PERFECT STORY to tell to get publicity for your art.

Draw upon our 30 years’ combined experience of working in real-life newsrooms and press offices, ask us anything and leave with a strategy in place to turbocharge your visibility through the power of the press!

Turbocharge your visibility! It’s a £249 value.

Total Bonus Value: £897!!!

Join us today!

The Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme
Starts Monday 3rd May, 2021

And runs for 12 weeks

The PR Pro Programme for Artists
Starts Monday 7th June, 2021

And runs for 4 weeks

Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme & PR Pro Combo

£ 208
25 per month
  • Twelve monthly payments in total
  • SAVE £199 on the Media Masterplan for Artists Programme!
  • Full Access to the Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme
  • 24x Weekly LIVE Q&As with Leigh & Paula
  • 4x Weekly LIVE Q&As with Write on Time Ltd
  • Video training with supporting PDFs
  • LIFETIME access to the course materials
  • TWO sessions of the Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme! 12 weeks for each.

Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme & PR Pro Combo

£ 2499
pay in full
  • Full Access to the Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme
  • SAVE £199 on the Media Masterplan for Artists Programme!
  • 60 Minute Power Call with Leigh & Paula valued at £549
  • 45 Minute Power Call with Christian & Michelle valued at £249
  • 24x Weekly LIVE Q&As with Leigh & Paula
  • 4x Weekly LIVE Q&As with Write on Time Ltd
  • Video training with supporting PDFs
  • LIFETIME access to the course materials
  • TWO sessions of the Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme! 12 weeks for each.
Best value


No. While having a website is something you should aim to do, you can sell your art with smart marketing using social media.

We cover

  • mindset, the foundation of every business
  • business set up including ICA, USP and more
  • branding
  • marketing
  • copywriting
  • making offers that sell
  • pricing your art
  • plus a bonus learning library with important art business related info

This is a programme designed to teach you how to leverage traditional media like the press, magazines and TV. If you want to sell more art, you need to get in front of more people and working with the media will help.

For no extra charge, you can participate in the live running of the Sell MORE Art Mastery Programme that starts in May, and join us again for another twelve weeks in the fall. 


The Media Masterplan Programme only runs once in June and is excluded from the two session offer.

Michelle and Christian Ewen from Write on Time Ltd teach the programme. They are former reporters and PR pros who have made it their business to help small businesses leverage the power of the press.

No. While it will certainly help you to get featured in the media if your social media game is on point, this is a fully standalone programme.

Right now, everyone needs good news stories. They need to be reminded of what it means to be human and to have hope. You, and your art, gives them that. When you do this programme, you will learn how to take your own story and turn it into something that the media will want to feature.

This programme is perfect for everyone – from news novices to media masters. Its focus is on taking the right kind of action to get started or do more of what is working well for you. NOW is always the right time to be talking about your art! Let Michelle and Christian help you figure out how to consistently leverage the power of the press to sell more art.

Michelle and Christian are yet to meet a single person who hasn’t got a story in more than 30 years’ combined experience of working in newsrooms and press offices. The programme is about figuring out what aspects of your story are most newsworthy and then giving you the confidence to approach reporters, podcast hosts, broadcasters and more in a way that makes sense to them.

The programme is, for the large part, self-directed learning – working through the training videos and accompanying worksheets at your own pace. The accountability group calls take place once a week, so you have the chance to ask Michelle and Christian any questions or bring your challenges to them for additional clarity and support.

Meet some of the artists who have been inspired and empowered to create their own successful AF futures after working with Leigh & Paula

More YES-timonials from our students

…[they give] so much more than the content of the marketing strategy, they deliver an energy that enables everyone to break down those barriers and truly move down the road towards their goal.

…their frank direct approach is so refreshing, they say it like it is and truly loves what they do in empowering artists to own their power, and take all the right steps to convert that into a real business….

I feel lucky to have found Paula and Leigh’s art program when I did. I wasn’t moving forward as an artist and I didn’t know how to!

As an artist with no sales experience and hating the idea of ‘sales’ techniques… Paula and Leigh’s art program teaches you how to attract your art collectors rather than sell to them. This really appeals to me.

Leigh & Paula have been (and continues to be) instrumental in my transition from the corporate world to the wonderful world of being an artist.

…[they provide] succinct and easy to follow direction to artists embarking on the daunting task of taking their practice online…

Unlike many other online courses there are no bots or mediators. You get Leigh and Paula up close and personal and the level of follow up with each course attendee on an individual basis is superb from both of them.

Praise for Michelle and Christian

I got a double-page spread in ClayCraft magazine, which is very respectable in the pottery community! Thank you so much for the help, support and guidance you have given so freely…

~ Debbie Page

What can I say about Michelle and Christian? They are awesome!

I am a firm believer that success starts with mindset; the lessons that I have learnt from both of these wonderful people have really helped me to shape that mindset when it comes to PR.

~ Philip Pelucha

Christian and Michelle really helped me to identify my story; to understand how journalists think; and, most importantly, build my confidence in being able to pick up the phone or just press ‘send’ and believe in myself, my idea, my story and sell myself.

And the brilliant bit… it worked! I was interviewed by British radio and TV personality Paul Ross, featured on two national UK radio stations and have become a regular ‘talking head’ on my local BBC Breakfast Show!

~ Jamie Honeybourne

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