Sell MORE Art – Online Course + PDF e-Book


Sell MORE Art
5 Steps for Social Media Success

The course is run right here on our website and you will have lifetime access to the videos and course materials. You can download and keep the PDF e-book for your own use.

All artists, whatever the genre will benefit hugely from this mini-course. It doesn’t matter if you work on commission or create work to sell. If you’re a digital artist selling prints or traditional artist.

There is no direct feedback or support from us during this mini-course. It’s entirely self driven and fully tested to ensure that the information and instructions are clear and straightforward.

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Sell MORE Art
5 Steps for Social Media Success

Learn how to market and sell your art for only £99!

Use our 5 top tips, training from our Mastermind, condensed and intensified for artists who want to fast track their online success.


Is this you?

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You have a ton of anxiety around selling your art online and worry about doing it wrong.

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You tried selling online before but didn’t get much engagement. Had little or no sales. 

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All the business training you’ve seen is too businessy. Too boring. Doesn’t make sense when you’re selling your art.


If you want people to buy your work online, you have to act like a business. You have to know your target market and understand how they think.



You need to post your art in a way that is clear, offered up for sale, and is easy to buy.



YOU need to be clear on your value as a person, and as an artist. When you feel good about yourself, it shows! You will post about your work with confidence.



YOU need to clean up your social media sites so that they become selling machines for your art. No more inspiration posts, or worse, political ones!



Your sales posts need to be super clear. No more wishy washy, ask me for the price type posts. 



You need to show that you are an artist to collect, your work is for sale and buying from you is exactly what your audience should be doing.





It’s really not. 

Selling art online is not as difficult as you think.

We’re Leigh & Paula – business and mindset mentors, killing the misconceptions and bullshit around marketing and selling your art online.

We are on a mission to shake the art world up, and end the myth of the starving artist once and for all.

We are both professional artists who have made shitloads of money online and we’re here to teach you our secrets.

We've helped hundreds of artists claim their place, show up powerfully with confidence and clarity, and sell their art.

People buy art that makes them feel connected.



It’s up to you to position yourself and your art so it does just that.  When you are unclear on how to market your art, you are going to have a problem. 


When you don’t see that your art is essential and necessary, not a frivolous buy, then you aren’t going to succeed.



If you want to sell MORE art, and really kick ass, you need to understand who you are, how to position your work and who your target market is.



And that’s exactly what we teach in the
Sell MORE Art Course.

The Sell MORE Art Course
is a 5 step online program that will help you market and sell your art online, worldwide... FAST.

If you want to learn how to:

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Market & position your art so that people buy it without haggling over price or questioning its value because they fucking love you and your art.

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Sell effectively following a simple template which takes the faffing about out of your sales posts.

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Own your online art space and grow your sales without sitting through weeks of online training.

Then the
Sell MORE Art Course
is for you!


You are a powerful creator. Your work has value.
Set yourself up for succes. Fast.
How to define your target market and find them.
How to position your work so that your target market loves it.
How to write sales posts that sell!
The secret to making collectors trust you.
How to write a compelling story to make collectors fall in love with you.

All delivered on this website and you get access to for life!

Read some of our YES-timonials from the artists who have worked with us and experienced the Leigh & Paula magic for themselves:

The bottom line… You'll learn how to be a confident creative professional who knows WHO your ideal client is and HOW to sell your art to them confidently.

AND... you'll know exactly what to do to make money selling your art.

Join us today!

Sell MORE Art Course
is available NOW!