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If you want people to buy your art online, you have to act like a business.

You have to know your target market and understand how they think.You need to post your art in a way that is clear, offered up for sale, and is easy to buy.YOU need to be clear on your value as a person, and as an artist. When you feel good about yourself, it shows!

You will post about your work with confidence.YOU need to clean up your social media sites so that they become selling machines for your art.

No more inspiration posts, or worse, political ones! Your sales posts need to be super clear.

No more wishy-washy, ask me for the price type posts.

You need to show that you are an artist to collect, your work is for sale and buying from you is exactly what your audience should be doing.SOUNDS COMPLICATED? It’s really not.

The Sell MORE Art Book is a 5 step program that will help you market and sell your art online, worldwide… FAST.