Are you a visual artist looking to get more clients and more exposure?

Are you ready to skip the exposure scams and get REAL attention on you and your art?

Are you ready to embrace the fact that exposure doesn't have to include "free work"?

Leigh & Paula have teamed up with Write on Time Ltd to bring you a very special programme which will give you the attention your art business needs!

The PR Pro Programme for Artists
reveals how creative entrepreneurs with a calling to create and sell their work can learn how to leverage the press to gain more business and more attention


Do you ever see other artists in the news and wish you could think of something newsworthy to publicise your own art business?


You want to try something different but you’re not sure how to begin or even where to start. 


Maybe you’ve even tried contacting a newspaper or magazine with zero response.


What you do know is, it’s time now. YOUR time now. And you’re ready to take the steps to be featured in the media.


Wanna know the secret to getting in the press without spending a penny on adverts?

It's all about the story you tell.

Hi. We're Leigh & Paula...

...and since 2018, we've helped heart led creative entrepreneurs set up and run successful online businesses. We know how important, and how powerful good PR is, and we also know most artists don't do it.

We've teamed up with Write on Time Ltd to bring you the very best training possible.

Michelle and Christian Ewen, the people behind Write on Time Ltd, are the best of the best.

Former journalists turned PR pros, Michelle and Christian Ewen have spent decades writing stories that have been featured in some of the UK’s biggest newspapers – including The Guardian, The FT, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sunday People and The Evening Standard.

They’ve poured over 30 years’ combined experience into creating toolkits and resources designed to help people think of something newsworthy to say to get publicity for their business and take the first steps towards getting their story in newspapers, magazines, on the radio or TV.

Knowing that artists need PR more than ever, it makes sense for Leigh & Paula to join forces with Michelle and Christian in order to give our artists a leg up.

The PR Pro Programme for Artists
is an online MENTORING, ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION programme designed to teach you how to get you, and your art, into the media and get the attention and coverage you deserve without spending a penny on adverts

If you want to learn how to:


Create a 12-month publicity plan to keep you and your artwork consistently in the spotlight


Create a short and snappy biography that’s media worthy


Embrace your expert experience so you can pitch to podcasts, TV shows and other media with confidence


Talk about your artwork in a genuinely newsworthy way


Plan in advance so you never miss an opportunity to publicise your work again


Demonstrate your credibility as a working artist

The PR Pro Programme for Artists is a programme that will help you align to who you really are, change how you grow your business, get in front of new and larger audiences and establish your credibility



Access to a thriving and supportive community

Nobody ever made it alone, and we have exactly the kind of community that helps creatives thrive

4 Weekly accountability group calls with Michelle and Christian

Includes Q&A, so bring your questions and your challenges

Weekly Tasks with Video training and Worksheets

These will build your 12-month media plan

Bonus Guide

‘20 Story Ideas for Artists and Creatives’, which is
designed to help you look at your newsworthiness through fresh eyes.

4 Weeks of Group Access

The programme runs for 4 weeks so you can work along with fellow artists, creating your media masterplan together.

The bottom line…

PR is an essential part of business growth, and artists need good and effective PR

It's easier than you think, and more powerful than you realise.

Praise for Michelle & Christian's Programmes

My pitch to the press was successful! The skills I learned and the tools Michelle and Christian gave me will continue to help me succeed in raising the profile of my business. I was so impressed with their services that I signed up for a further course with them to create my personalised Media Masterplan.

Over the course of four weeks, I have added many more skills to my toolkit, and am now confident in my pathway to becoming a Thought Leader in my field. I have accepted that I am, in fact, an industry expert! So much so that, during the programme, I attended some industry-specific focus groups and my extra confidence boost from the media training has led to me being invited to be on the review panel of nationwide training resources in my field. I have also just submitted an expression of interest in being featured in a government initiative about disabled people who have achieved their dream jobs.

~ Lorraine Stanley


The Media Masterplan Programme has helped me to gain more clarity and direction to proudly put my business out to the media and other marketing opportunities that may come my way in the future.

I now have a better understanding into my purpose and future mission, as well as being more confident in expressing my ‘Expert by Status’ and ‘Expert by Experience’, which has led me to where I am today with my business.

Michelle and Christian have helped me to create not only a 12-month plan, but even way beyond that, with so many promotional ideas that will continue to be used in the years to come!

Their expertise and friendly approach made the tasks so much easier to tackle. Yes, some of them do stretch you; however, I did not once feel stuck or anxious during the programme I did with them.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the programme to anyone who seriously wants to take their business to another level.

~ Tracy Gough

I absolutely loved The Media Masterplan Programme! Michelle and Christian’s business and media knowledge and insights have proven invaluable. I have never felt so inspired, confident or equipped in how to tell my stories, bring my business to life and inject my personality into my writing. This four-week course has been truly transformational. Michelle and Christian exude warmth and passion for their craft and are a pure joy to work with. The biggest outcomes for me are confidence that I do have a story to tell; inspiration on how to craft engaging stories; and drive and belief in myself to approach journalists and other media outlets.

~ Jill Huskisson

Join us today!

The PR Pro Programme for Artists
Starts Monday 7th June, 2021

And runs for 4 weeks

PR Pro Programme

£ 699
00 pay in full
  • 1 payment of £699
  • Weekly LIVE Q&As with Write on Time Ltd
  • Private FB group
  • LIFETIME access to the course materials
Best value

PR Pro Programme Payment Plan

£ 350
per month
  • 2 monthly payments of £350
  • Weekly LIVE Q&As with Write on Time Ltd
  • Private FB group
  • Lifetime access to the course materials


This programme is taught by Michelle and Christian Ewen of Write on Time Ltd. It has been designed specifically for artists in consultation with Leigh and Paula.

Right now, everyone needs good news stories. They need to be reminded of what it means to be human and to have hope. You, and your art, gives them that. When you do this programme, you will learn how to take your own story and turn it into something that the media will want to feature.

This programme is perfect for everyone – from news novices to media masters. Its focus is on taking the right kind of action to get started or do more of what is working well for you. NOW is always the right time to be talking about your art! Let Michelle and Christian help you figure out how to consistently leverage the power of the press to sell more art.

Michelle and Christian are yet to meet a single person who hasn’t got a story in more than 30 years’ combined experience of working in newsrooms and press offices. The programme is about figuring out what aspects of your story are most newsworthy and then giving you the confidence to approach reporters, podcast hosts, broadcasters and more in a way that makes sense to them.

The programme is, for the large part, self-directed learning – working through the training videos and accompanying worksheets at your own pace. The accountability group calls take place once a week, so you have the chance to ask Michelle and Christian any questions or bring your challenges to them for additional clarity and support.

Praise for Michelle and Christian

I got a double-page spread in ClayCraft magazine, which is very respectable in the pottery community! Thank you so much for the help, support and guidance you have given so freely…

~ Debbie Page

What can I say about Michelle and Christian? They are awesome!

I am a firm believer that success starts with mindset; the lessons that I have learnt from both of these wonderful people have really helped me to shape that mindset when it comes to PR.

~ Philip Pelucha

Christian and Michelle really helped me to identify my story; to understand how journalists think; and, most importantly, build my confidence in being able to pick up the phone or just press ‘send’ and believe in myself, my idea, my story and sell myself.

And the brilliant bit… it worked! I was interviewed by British radio and TV personality Paul Ross, featured on two national UK radio stations and have become a regular ‘talking head’ on my local BBC Breakfast Show!

~ Jamie Honeybourne

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