From Mindset to Money Mastermind Course

Sell your art.

Does making shitloads of money in your art business seem impossible?

You can sell your art like a PRO

You can create, market and sell more art with less effort using the internet as your secret weapon.


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You have a ton of anxiety around money and selling your art especially when you need to buy more art supplies or you’re facing yet another “more month than money” situation.

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You feel like selling your art should be easier, without having to jump through hoops and work for exposure. You wish you could have cash coming in every month but you have no idea how to do it.

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You tried selling online before but didn’t get much engagement. Had little or no sales. You have no idea how to get people to buy your work. You end up procrastinating & hiding in your studio dreaming of being discovered instead.

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Even when you do try to sell, all you get are crickets. You’re done putting your work out there and trying to just break even. You don’t even know how to price your work so that it sells, makes a profit and then brings people back begging for more.

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Despite all your efforts you’re back to applying for jobs that make you want to stab your eyes out. Graphic designer. Corporate flyer maker. Even retail worker. You feel like there’s no way you could sell your art online like you see so many other artists doing.


Wanna know the secret to selling art online?

Clarity, Confidence. Relentlessly showing up.

If you want people to buy your work online, you have to act like a business. Be your own advocate and biggest fan.


Your work needs to feel exactly like what your audience needs right now. They can’t live another minute without one of your amazing creations.


If you want your art to sell, you need to know how your collectors think. What they need right now. How to talk so they know you understand them. You are them.


They need to see you as the go to expert in your niche. They need to see that you have exactly what they want right now.


When you show your collectors how your art can change their living and working spaces for the better, allowing them to express who they are in those spaces, they will buy from you.


You need to show that your art is the answer to their needs, in a way that improves their lives in a HELL YEAH, TAKE MY MONEY NOW and they don’t think twice about purchasing.




It’s really not. You just need to understand this: people will happily pay for something that they trust will solve their specific problem or meet their deep seated desire.

Selling more art is not as difficult as you think.

We’re Leigh & Paula – business and mindset mentors, killing the misconceptions and bullshit around marketing and selling your art online.

We are on a mission to shake the art world up, and end the myth of the starving artist once and for all.

We are both professional artists who have made shitloads of money online and we’re here to teach you our secrets.

We've helped hundreds of artists claim their place, show up powerfully with confidence and clarity, and sell their art.

People buy art that makes them feel fucking amazing.


It’s up to you to show them that your art will do just that. We show you how to harness the power of the internet and kiss galleries and other bullshittery in the art world, good-bye.


When you are unclear on how to market your art, you are going to have a problem. When you don’t see that your art is essential and necessary, not a frivolous buy, then you aren’t going to succeed.


If you want to sell MORE art, and really kick ass, you need to understand who your target market is and how to talk to them so they love the fuck out of you and your work.


And that’s exactly what we teach in the
From Mindset to Money Mastermind Course.

The From Mindset to Money Mastermind Course
is an online program that will help you market and sell your art online, worldwide.

If you want to learn how to:

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Ditch the gatekeepers, like the pay to play galleries and expensive contests and exhausting art fairs, or worse giving your art away for free in exchange for so-called exposure, donating to non-profits with no noticeable return

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Sell your art online from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world so that you can pay the rent and bills, or even go on a holiday paid for with your art sales

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Market & position your art so that people buy it without haggling over price or questioning its value because they fucking love you and your art.

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Sell effectively using a simple, step by step system that we ourselves use to sell our own art. One that works and doesn’t make you feel inauthentic or salesy. No more mind fuckery or used car salesman vibes for you

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Create and fall in love with marketing systems that sell your art, more effectively with less emotional baggage and more time in the studio

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Take your biggest step towards leveraging the internet and your access to a global audience, and building a long term sustainable, sexy AF business. No more feast or famine or one hit wonders for you

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Own your online art space and be a powerful, avant-garde artist using the digital world making money doing what you believe in and love

Then the
From Mindset to Money Mastermind Course
is for you!


Module 1 – MINDSET


Welcome from Leigh & Paula
Lesson 1 – Know Like Trust Love
Lesson 2 – The REAL You
Lesson 3 – Alignment and Deliberate Creation
Lesson 4 – Procrastination and Showing Up
Lesson 5 – Fear and Confidence
Lesson 6 – Zone of Genius and Flow
Lesson 7 – WHY
Lesson 8 – Purpose Cause How What
Lesson 9 – Where, Who
Lesson 10 – Your Powerful WHY Statement



Lesson 11 – Your Ideal Client Avatar
Lesson 12 – Your Unique Selling Point
Lesson 13 – Joy Alignment Money
Lesson 14 – Headlines, Summaries and Bios



Lesson 15 – The Value of Good Stories and Copy, How to Write Effectively
Lesson 16 – Stories About Your Creative Space and Practice
Lesson 17 – Stories About How You Help Your Clients and Grow Your ICA


Brand Marketing

Lesson 18 – YOU The Brand
Lesson 19 – Facebook
Lesson 20 – Instagram
Lesson 21 – LinkedIn
Lesson 22 – Website, Blog, Email Marketing

Module 5 – SELL YOUR ART

Creating Offers

Lesson 23 – Your ICA or Income Creating Activity
Lesson 24 – Sell Your Inventory
Lesson 25 – Creating Kickass Offers
Lesson 26 – The Art of Commissions


Sell Your Art!

Lesson 27 – Pricing formulas to create confidence and trust

Lesson 28 – Words that make or break sales – watch your language
Lesson 29 – Building your audience of raving fans

All delivered in a private Facebook group with 9 weeks of Monday- Friday access to and support from Leigh & Paula.

With a mix of recorded and live video training and live Q&As, as well as PDFs to print out and keep.

But WAIT, there's more!


FLOW training

This mini course teaches you how to manage your time like a boss, but in a way that works for creatives. Get MORE DONE with LESS EFFORT every day and every week. 

No more wondering where the time went. No more missing deadlines or not finishing projects. FLOW teaches you how to prioritize without feeling overwhelmed and helps you stay focused to get the job done. 

Our students LOVE it! It’s a £99 value.


Master Your Goals – Master Class!

A roughly 2 hour class on how to set your goals effectively and what to do when you reach them. 

This pre-recorded video training is designed to help you level up, set your goals, adjust them as you go and then set new ones. Always keeping you moving forward in your career.

This training is a £99 value.

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The bottom line… You’ll emerge as an empowered, confident creative professional who knows WHY you create, WHO your ideal client is and HOW to sell your art to them confidently.

AND... you'll know exactly what to do to make money selling your art.

Join us today!

From Mindset to Money Mastermind Course
Starts Monday 25 May, 2020

From Mindset to Money
Mastermind Course

From Mindset to Money
Mastermind Course, Payment Plan
£290 per month for 6 months

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