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Master Your Online Art Sales
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Learn how to radically amplify your online art business

You will learn:

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Day 1 – Own Your Power!

You matter. Your art matters. Learn how to embrace that to show up confidently.

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Day 2 – Your Raving Fans

How to identify your ideal collectors and then find them!

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Day 3 – Set Up Facebook Like a BOSS

The simple mistakes almost everyone makes, and how to fix them to super charge your art sales.

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Day 4 – Gird Your Loins & Go Live

Live video is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. We teach you how to do it right.

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Day 5 – The Most Powerful Sales Post

The right way to sell your art online and feel good about it.

Ready to master your online art sales?

Show UP! Stand OUT! Be SEEN!

We’re Leigh & Paula – business and mindset mentors, killing the misconceptions and bullshit around marketing and selling your art online.

We are on a mission to shake the art world up, and end the myth of the starving artist once and for all.

We are both professional artists who have made shitloads of money online and we’re here to teach you our secrets.

We've helped hundreds of artists claim their place, show up powerfully with confidence and clarity, and sell their art.

The Master Your Online Art Sales Challenge
is a 5 day online program that will help you learn how to step up, claim your place as a powerful artist and sell your art - FAST!

All delivered in a Facebook group, LIVE for 5 days!

But WAIT, there's more!


A 60 Minute POWER HOUR with Leigh & Paula

How to win:

Show up in the group each day, do the tasks and post your WINS. Every time you comment and post MEANINGFULLY and relevantly to the day’s topic, your name goes into the draw.
The more you comment, the more chances you have to win!

Winner will be announced LIVE at Gin O'Clock on Friday 3 April


33 Steps to Attract Raving Fans – PDF Guide!

FREE when you sign up for this challenge! See what you can do RIGHT NOW to change your business from ho hum to amaze-balls with a few simple tweaks.

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The bottom line… You'll learn how to sell your art, online, like a pro and skip the middleman and gatekeepers.

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Master Your Online Art Sales Challenge
starts Monday March 30, 2020

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