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A 6 week, online programme designed to help artists set up and run profitable online art businesses

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Is this you?

You’ve got AMAZING plans for your art, but you feel stuck right now.

You’re overwhelmed with all the things you think you're supposed to be doing.

You wish you had a step by step plan, with lifetime access, in order to get up and running fast.

What you need is....

the From Mindset to Money Bootcamp!

In just 6 weeks, you can work through everything you need in order to set up and run your online art business.

No more excuses!

Are you struggling to get your online art business on its feet?

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Are you a passionate visual artist creating amazing art and making a difference in people’s lives?

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Do you want to have an engaged list of ideal collectors so you can run successful promotions?

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Do you feel frustrated that you’re spending too much time figuring out what to do and how to do it, rather than actually doing it?

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Do you struggle with your message and knowing who your target audience is?

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Do you know how take your business to the next level?

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Do you feel so overwhelmed with all the components of marketing that you’re getting burnt out?

Let us help you by giving you all the tools you need so you can make sense of it all and focus on the things that matter: making your art.

Get clarity, one step at a time.

Get peace of mind & know that you have so got this, so you can market your art with confidence and ease.

You are not alone

You don’t have to figure out your art business alone. You have the help and info from experts who have been there, done that.

The big picture can be overwhelming at times. But you don’t have to stress yourself out with everything that needs to be done.

One step at a time, our programme will guide you through everything that needs to be done to create a business you can be proud of.

You have what it takes!

The crux of what you have to offer to the world is who you are - your inimitable self.

Being true to yourself and your calling to create and sell your art. Fighting your fears and getting your art out there

There are so many online resources to help you launch and run an art business. But what you need isn’t just another programme from someone who isn't an artist.

You need information from artists who have walked the same path and are now sharing their knowledge, gained from real world experience, with you.

We see you. And we want to help you.

It's time to take action!
Perhaps you’ve long dreamed of being a professional, full time artist, but you didn’t have the means to get it done.

Perhaps you even tried but ended up with crickets!!

Perhaps you’ve been playing small by sticking to a small circle of close friends and family who buy your art.

Well, now it’s time to rise up and play big.

No more just thinking about doing something… it’s time to actually start doing it!

Silence your fears, put your best foot forward, and let’s do this!!

Are you struggling to get enough sales of your art?

If you want to run a successful art business, you must have a cohesive plan of action that will get you a good number of new leads, nurture them well, and get them to purchase your art.


Sadly, many artists are confused and overwhelmed with all the steps of marketing their art, that they barely get started.


Or, they try to get it done but don’t have an audience large enough to support them.

If you're not hitting the art sales you need, it's because of two main reasons…

You don't have a plan, a target market or marketing strategy

You keep hiding in your studio, hoping to be discovered

We can help you with both.

From Mindset to Money Bootcamp is an online, self-guided, INSPIRED ACTION programme & group coaching designed to super charge your online art business and get you the long term success you deserve

What's included in the From Mindset to Money Bootcamp?

6 modules which you can easily do in 6 weeks.

The entire programme has been split into weeks so that you can easily learn in the most effective way possible.

You get more than 26 videos and accompanying PDFs delivered to you right on our website.

AND you have access for life!


Module 1

Work on your mindset and vision

Once you know who you are and why you create, you can create powerful marketing materials that attract the right collectors

Module 2

Refine your vision and focus

Kick fear and procrastination to the curb and learn how to show up confidentally online

Module 3

Set up your business for success

Define your target market, and put out a clear and powerful message about your art

Module 4

Stories and copywriting for artists

Learn how to write copy and stories that create fans and sales

Module 5

Brand marketing and social media

Everything you ever wanted to know about branding, social media, email newsletters and websites for artists

Module 6

Income creating acitivies

Learn how to make money from commissions, create kick ass offers and get your inventory sold without selling your soul

The From Mindset to Money Bootcamp is a programme that will help you Create, Market + Sell your art online to raving fans who will be begging for more.

The bottom line…

Selling your art ONLINE to a GLOBAL AUDIENCE is the answer to creating a thriving and profitable business.

Hi. We're Leigh & Paula...

...and we're on a mission to kill the bullshit and misconceptions around selling art -

so that you can sell more of yours

We teach artists like you the ins and outs of how to get your work out there - and sell online.

We are both artists with long careers.

And, we've both had our own share of misconceptions and failed attempts - but over the years we learned both the mindset and the methods, that make selling art not only easier, but a lot more enjoyable than you might think possible. 

Now we're giving you access to our combined skills and knowledge, so that you can join the ranks of successful, online selling artists...

...and earn the money your art should be making you. 

The From Mindset to Money Bootcamp is an online INSPIRED ACTION programme + group coaching designed to super charge your online art business and get you the long term success you deserve

But WAIT, there's more!


FLOW training

This mini course teaches you how to manage your time like a boss, but in a way that works for creatives. Get MORE DONE with LESS EFFORT every day and every week. 

No more wondering where the time went. No more missing deadlines or not finishing projects. FLOW teaches you how to prioritize without feeling overwhelmed and helps you stay focused to get the job done. 

Our students LOVE it! It’s a £99 value.


33 Steps to Social Media Success

This PDF is the go to to keep you on track as you set up and run your online art business. 

Feeling lost? Check the PDF

Wanting to know what to do next? Check the PDF.

Our students LOVE it! It’s a £9.99 value.



You have the programme materials for life! And when we update the programme, you get the updated info too!


LIVE Ask Us Anything Calls

Every fortnight (every two weeks) we will do a live Q&A session to help you with any and all art biz related questions. These will help you stay on track and ensure you get the most value from the programme.

Rocket your way to success! It’s a £600 value.

Total Bonus Value: £708.99!!!

Join us today!

The From Mindset to Money Bootcamp will be released on 30th November 2020, LIVE group calls begin the week of Jan 25th 2021 and you have access to the programme content for life!

From Mindset to Money Bootcamp

One Time Payment

Early Bird

Only £699!

*until Sunday 17th January  2021

From Mindset to Money Bootcamp

Payment Plan

Early Bird

Only £700!

*until Sunday 17th January  2021


This is a full mindset and business programme. We cover everything in depth from procrastination to your powerful why to how to set up your art business right.

Everything you want to know about social media, business, posting, mindset, mediation and more is covered in one powerful programme.

This bootcamp is set up for you to do the work on your own, at your own pace. There's no coaching element involved.

You have the materials for life so you can re-take the bootcamp again and again.

The 100 Days to RAVING Fans and our Sell MORE Art 30 Day Bootcamp focus specifically on how to sell your art.

This From Mindset to Money Bootcamp covers everything about how to set up your business, all the moving parts behind the scenes, your mindset AND how to sell your art.

This is the full iceberg, not the tip. Everything we know about selling art online is covered in this programme.

Having a website helps, but, you don't necessarily need one.

You can be just as successful doing the programme solely from your chosen social media site, and selling directly from there.

There are a few things you’ll need to do differently: It will be slightly more time consuming and less automated…. but it’s very doable once you understand the differences and, make it very clear to your buyers what they need to do!

Having your own website that’s linked your shop will make it much easier for you and your collectors, that's all. But don't let that stop you - plenty of our students have successfully sold their work without any website at all.

Paypal is one option, Stripe is another.
Because yes, in order to sell your work online, you need some way to accept payment from your collectors. You'll need to have this set up before we get started.

As all our programmes and courses are e-products and not physical products, no refunds will be issued whatsoever. 

You can read our Terms of Use policy page here

Here are some YES-timonials from artists who have been inspired and empowered to create their own successful AF futures after working with Leigh & Paula

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