Size Matters

Audience size, that is

If you’re selling your art online, showing up daily, posting effectively, and you’re not selling your work there’s one factor at play you’re probably not taking into consideration: audience size.

While you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers on your social media platforms, you do need more than hundreds.

Think of it this way, only 1–10% of your audience will convert to sales, assuming they even see your posts. On Facebook, the almighty algorithm makes sure that your posts aren’t seen by everyone, so the odds are stacked even higher against you.

So, if you’re lucky and 10% convert from lurking to buying and you have an audience of 500 people, that means you have potential 5 sales. That’s it.

Audience growth is a critical part of marketing, and should be something you do every single day. Friend, connect or follow your ideal client. Make sure they are aware you exist.

You grow your audience faster, and make your sales conversions higher, if you know who your target market or ideal collector is. If you haven’t defined them, then you’re basically throwing confetti into a large crowd hoping something will stick. It’s a waste of time.

Who do you want to work with the most? Who responds the best to your work? What age are they? Gender? Income? Type of job they do? Define everything about your ideal collector and then make sure you join groups where they hang out, you can run ads using their demographic and write posts that specifically resonate with them.

This stuff isn’t hard to do but it does start with admitting that your art cannot and will not appeal to everyone. And then embracing that fact as a positive. It’s far, far easier to sell to someone who will love your work or is already inclined to love it, than to try to convince someone to love it.

The bottom line is, if your sales don’t match your expectations and efforts, look at your audience size and do something about it.

Size matters.

Paula Mould

Paula Mould

Paula Mould is a fine artist, published author and business coach for Leigh & Paula.

She also swears, mostly on purpose.

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