It’s Not One And Done

If you only post once about a piece, you’re missing your mark

How deep do you think people scroll on your Instagram page?

How far will they navigate your feed on Facebook or Twitter?

And even if they jump out of their mad scrolling to view just your work, how much do you think they will see?

So many artists post once about a piece. A “one and done” sales post and then wonder why they have such a large inventory of work. Why their art isn’t selling or even being seen.

The reality is, social media is rented land with rules that can change without warning, and an audience that both may not see all your posts and can’t be buggered to leave their own scrolling to see more of your work.

Scroll hypnosis is a thing! And breaking it is harder than you think.

Instead, you have to assume that your posts have maybe been seen by 20% of your followers, and over the course of a few days if you’re on one of the many platforms ruled by the algorithm. So when you post your art sales post once and then wait for people to flock to you, you are setting yourself up for failure.

One and done is business suicide.

If you’re using social media to sell your work, it’s up to you to post about pieces frequently until they sell. This actually works in your favour if you’re a slower creator because you can post updates on your latest work, and sales posts of available pieces.

Things you should know:

  • if you post 50+ photos of 50+ different pieces in once post, the drop off happens between the fifth and tenth photo. Unless someone is dedicated, they aren’t going to click through much less remember which images they liked
  • unless the work is in a series, it should be one post per piece. Yes it’s more time consuming to do that but it does ensure you show up more in front of your audience
  • if you aren’t clear on the fact that the piece is for sale, people are going to assume it’s not
  • people will forget what you posted in about a week so knock yourself out and re-post your art each week until it sells
  • if people complain you’re posting too much art, they are never going to buy from you. Let them choose to remove themselves, don’t change your posting frequency to suit a complainer
  • this is your business, your goal is to make money and you do that through sales. If you are posting only one and dones, you aren’t doing your job

Yeah, it can feel like you’re repeating yourself a lot but so what? Your livelihood and income depend on you doing this work. And the people who love your work will always be happy to see your posts as they scroll through.

Make this a habit, make posting and re-posting a part of your day, and you’re going to find that you both spend more time in the studio creating and earning more money selling your work.

Paula Mould

Paula Mould

Paula Mould is a fine artist, published author and business coach for Leigh & Paula.

She also swears, mostly on purpose.

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