There’s a Window Most People Don’t Know About

The gap that gives you the time to be imperfect is a gift

When an artist is first starting out, everything is terrifying. Sharing your work? Nerve wracking. Going live or even just going on video? Pure torment.

You’re well aware that people could be watching and judging and you’re thinking that you’re probably not doing everything, or anything, right. AUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGH!

But…. when you’re starting out, or you haven’t built your audience yet, you are in an actually safe zone. No one is really watching because no one cares about you or your work yet.

Stick with me here because it’s important.

If you haven’t been showing up and sharing your work and doing everything you need to do to create an audience of raving fans (see my plethora of other articles on how to do that), then you are just someone else adding to the noise of social media. No one important enough to notice for long or care about.

This isn’t me being mean, this is me giving you a gift.

You have this time, for however long it lasts, to show up imperfectly and practice! You can be awkward on live video! You can share less than perfect pics. The point is to show the fuck up and grow into your version of perfection.

By the time you hit your stride, develop and hone your voice, you will have the attention from people. At that point how you show up matters. But at that point showing up will be second nature to you.

Think of it this way, by the time people care about you and your art, you will already be good at showing up.

How long this window lasts is up to you — how deliberately you grow and get noticed. If you waffle about (and everyone does in the beginning) it will take longer. If you have a set year end goal and you work towards it, the window will be short.

So go live, make videos, share your work.

Take advantage of being an unknown because the more you share, the more you stand up and make people notice you, the sooner you become a known. And if you’re selling your art online, and want to make a good living from it, being known is an important step.

You have so got this. Use the window.

Paula Mould

Paula Mould

Paula Mould is a fine artist, published author and business coach for Leigh & Paula.

She also swears, mostly on purpose.

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