What is Your WHY?

There’s always a reason a person becomes an artist and it isn’t what you think

If you’re an artist, have you ever paused to think about why you’re an artist? Or do you just create because you love it and don’t think past that?

Let’s assume it’s a given that part of your WHY is because you love making art. Most people choose to do things that they love to do. And let’s assume it’s a given that you probably made art as a child. Every child, given the opportunity, makes art.

But WHY do you make art?

It can be a complicated answer but it’s worth digging into because when you know your WHY, you can push it farther. Make your art deliberately more of whatever the reason.

If you make art because you want to leave a legacy, what’s behind that need to have a legacy? So many people don’t think about that so why is it important? Do you feel unheard in life? Or maybe you want your life to have mattered? Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re not doing enough so you want to leave behind evidence that you existed at all. And maybe you feel like an outsider so this is your way to matter to the people around you.

See how the digging leads you around?

Maybe you have felt overlooked and unheard your entire life. Art, the art you make, speaks on your behalf. Knowing this, you can make it louder, bolder, bigger, brighter. Really have it shout out.

Maybe you come last in your life. Raising kids, helping spouse, dealing with the demands of aging parents. Art is your refuge. It’s your chance to own something in your own life. How do you push that further?

Art is a way for us to understand and recreate the world around us and the world that lives inside of us. It’s transformative work and a very personal interpretation. It doesn’t matter what kind of art you make, it all comes down to that. But when you know your WHY you know what you’re trying to say. What the deep interpretation is underneath everything.

Maybe you even understand that your interpretation matters, has value, once you understand your WHY. Maybe you even understand why you matter. What drives you. What makes you special and uniquely you.

No one, not one person, creates just for the pure joy of it. Joy and delight and alignment have their place in creating art. So does torment, frustration and despair. The whole range.

How amazing would your work be, even more than it is now, if you could take your deepest self and put it consciously into your work. Being a deliberate creator takes you from amateur to master faster than you’d expect.

So what’s your WHY?

And why is it that?

And why?

And why?

And so on. Ask yourself why until you have your WHY. You’ll know when you have it because you walk through discomfort and the things you maybe don’t want to look at first, and then… oh wow… you nail it and your heart skips a beat.

Then you create from a place of knowledge and power and everything changes.

Paula Mould

Paula Mould

Paula Mould is a fine artist, published author and business coach for Leigh & Paula.

She also swears, mostly on purpose.

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